Eiffel tower packaging idea

As some of you may know I am currently studying graphic arts and photography. I was very excited for this term since we got to pick some of the classes we wanted to attend. Among others I also chose packaging design.

So a week ago we had our first packaging class. It was mostly an introductory lesson. We got to know the software we will be using and some of the different materials that are usually used in packaging. We were also handed out different cardboard samples and asked to come up with an idea for a package that we would like to design. Looking at the different thicknesses cardboard comes in I got an idea to create a package that resembles a building or some kind of a model. As the class went on I kept thinking about it until the teacher boasted about the new cutting machine our college acquired this year. Immediately an image jumped into my head. I wanted to create an Eiffel tower inspired design. Since I always like to challenge myself and the idea seemed just crazy and complicated enough, I knew I wanted to do it.

I started out sketching the basic shape of the Eiffel tower. I also looked up the idea to see if anyone had ever tried to do something similar but I couldn’t find any images.

I started looking at the modeling community and I found a wonderful tutorial on YouTube for a 3D model of the Eiffel tower. It was a very detailed and nicely shoot 3D model and it gave me a better understanding of the tower’s shape since I’ve never seen it in real life.screenshot_20180318-164412947119398.png

I noticed that the tower consists of two basic shapes. The pyramid shape in the center and the three square platforms going up. Those platforms represented trouble. Since they extend past the basic pyramid shape I wasn’t sure how I’ll create a template for this box.

Thinking about it I quickly sketched out the basic shape without the square platforms and noticed I could add those later on. To check if my idea would work I traced the design on some cardboard I had laying around.

I roughly cut out four triangle shapes and the base of the tower. After that I cut out a square with a hole on the inside and placed it around the pyramid shape. I repeated this three more times and got to the final shape. It turns out my idea could really work.

Eiffel tower package design first drafts
These are the first sketches and models for my upcoming package design.


My idea was to make the basic shape out of thin cardboard and cut out the details of the tower. In order to keep the product in I would than add a foil on the inside of the cardboard. For the square platforms I am still undecided whether I should make them from thin cardboard as well and than add on some of the details or not. I was thinking this could be either a package containing some fruity premium tea or some sweet chocolates.

I am also still thinking about the functionality. I’m not sure whether the package should open at the top, with the four sides folding down or at the bottom. That said this idea is still in very early stages. I will probably change a few things, design and create a more detailed model and finally a template for the finished package. Hopefully in a few weeks as the term goes on I will have a finished package design that I can be proud of.

What do you think about my idea? Would you change or do something differently? Let me know in the comments bellow.

Thank you for reading this post and stay tuned for future updates on this and other projects coming to this blog.

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