Mindless design

If you follow my Instagram profile you know that I have recently started a new semi daily design challenge.

I started out learning about photography and naturally about Photoshop. I spent a lot of time watching tutorials and improving my knowledge in that field but I have never really focused on vector art and Illustrator.

Wanting to change that I started doing small vector designs every day or so and I was very surprised with the results.

First design

I started out very simple. Thinking about designs I first thought of the impossible triangle. Being the first vector art I ever did I was happy with it even though I didn’t really like it.


Second design was a lot better. I focused on creating and merging shapes and paths in Adobe Illustrator. This particular design was created similarly to different mandelas I liked to do when I was little. This design however is different since I merged the shapes in a way that creates a beautiful flower with no instantly visible circles. I assigned a gradient to the stroke and some smaller circles for the finishing touches. Overall I am really happy with how this design turned out.

Light and shadow-01

Today was a bit different though. I wanted to create something in the morning but I had no inspiration. I started playing around with some simple shapes and gradients to show light and shadows… but I still had no idea for a design.

I decided to leave the project and focused on some other work for one of my classes. The day went by and I decided to relax a bit and watch some episodes of a TV show. Doing that I got a little bored and opened up Illustrator once again with no expectations. I had no objective and no mission in mind… I just started drawing shapes and finally I ended up with this.


Now as I mentioned in my Instagram post I am a bit perplexed with this one. In a way I really love how it came out however the thing that confuses me a little is why I created this. Since I didn’t overthink this design and just let my mind work without much thought this design represents a bit of my subconscious in a way… and this is what I really love about it.

Overall I recommend this exercise to everyone. Put in your headphones and some music or other kind of background noise… and without much thought just let your mind work. The results might surprise you as they surprised me.


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