Life can be a bit tricky sometimes

The last few weeks passed by in an instant. I had countless projects to finish and to top that exams were closing in. I often felt like I didn’t have enough time to finish all the things I wished to do. I was however able to use those feelings and portray them in this shortfilm which was also one of the projects for my class.

During those weeks I had another most important job to do – find an internship. (As a part of our curriculum we have a mandatory four months long internship in the next semester.)

I sent out applications but there was never any response. In the end I gave up and settled with an internship at the small photostudio where I currently work. I really felt bad for giving up and so I started to look for positive things that could come out of it. It was in that moment after I had already given up that fate had smiled on me. I got an email from one of my favourite professors,  inquiring about applicants for an internship at our college. I immediately wrote back and got the internship. I was really excited and appreciative for the opportunity. The internship meant that I wouldn’t be throwing four months away shooting mostly passport images. It meant that I would actually be able to work on many different projects and in many different fields from graphic design to photography.

Things were finally turning around. However life would be too simple if that was the end. Few days after I applied for the internship at the college I got an email from Lomography. Since they were one of my top picks as I was sending out applications and I was a bit shocked to receive a response. I have an interview with them on Wednesday and I really hope I get the internship.

Anyhow to sum everything up; what I really wanted to say was that even if things seem to go really bad and you feel like giving up, remember that after the storm passes, the sun starts to shine. The last few weeks really showed me that even if you do your best and try your hardest there is no guarantee of an instant reward. However if you keep looking at the positive side of things, life just might surprise you.

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