Shooting the expired Kodak Gold film

A few weeks ago I got my hands on some rolls of Kodak Gold 35mm film. It was rated at ASA / ISO 100 with 12 exposures and it expired in 1998.

I have never shot expired film before, but I knew it can be quite tricky so I overexposed by a stop when taking my exposures. I thought this would compensate for the decay of the films emulsion. I also had no idea how the film was stored all these years so I didn’t expect much. I put the film in my Zenit E 35mm camera and went out for a stroll.


I wanted to recreate Franco Fontana’s blue and orange style with this image. As I later found out I must have had some light leaks hence the orange strip on the bottom. Together with faded colours it gives the image an almost instagramy feel. Regardless of that I really like this image and I think it represents the stereotypical film look quite nicely.


I also discovered that the images all share a really strong violet hue which is nicely visible in the images above.


Finishing off this is my favourite image from this film. The composition, faded blues and the hints of green at the sides really make this image.

As mentioned this shoot was mostly experimental. I wanted to test the film out and see what kind of images I could get. In a way it also gave me the freedom to shot different subjects and a challenge; making the faded colours work. Besides this 12 exposure film I also got a 24 exposure one. Knowing the results I can expect I will try to work on that and achieve even better results next time.

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