#1 Why every photographer should try shooting film

Introduction to film photography

Firstly I’d like to welcome you to this new weekly series of posts which will hopefully serve as a comprehensive introduction to film photography. In this series I want to talk about different aspects of film photography such as different sizes and types of film, different camera types available and their purposes, developing your first images and a lot more. But first I’d like to explain why I think every photographer (especially those who are new to photography) should try shooting film.

Life can be a bit tricky sometimes


The last few weeks passed by in an instant. I had countless projects to finish and to top that exams were closing in. I often felt like I didn’t have enough time to finish all the things I wished to do. I was however able to use those feelings and portray them in this shortfilm which was also one of the projects for my class.

During those weeks I had another most important job to do – find an internship. (As a part of our curriculum we have a mandatory four months long internship in the next semester.)